Metropolitan School District of 
Perry Township






Lunch Prices

  Elementary   $2.20

  Secondary    $ 2.25


 Breakfast Prices

  Elementary   $1.25

  Secondary    $ 1.25





 Middle School

 High School

 Secondary Breakfast


Payment Methods


   Pay On-Line








MSD Perry Township uses a computerized point of sale, PCS at each of our schools.  Students are issued a 4-5-digit code number to access their accounts.  This number is entered into a keypad as the child goes through the line. Security is built into the code to prevent numbers from being used improperly.   Parents are encouraged to prepay money into their child’s account to minimize handling money during the lunch period.  This makes the lines go faster allowing the children more time to enjoy their meals.  Checks or cash can be accepted preferably on the first school day of the week for any amount desired.  Many parents find it convenient to put money in their child’s account monthly or each semester.  The child may use money from their account to purchase breakfast, lunch and ala Carte items.    Parents should discuss with their child how they want the account to be used.   Money left in the child’s account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next school year. 










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